Friday, January 20, 2012

Let it Snow

I think sometimes we forget to look at the beauty of snow.  Yes, it is cold and slippery and wet, then again it carries with it such a beauty.   The snow comes alive when the sun shines on it, giving off sparkles like a yard full of diamonds.
The trees take on a completely different look, somehow the branches seemed transformed into a work of art.

Little garden spots look like they are ready for the winter fairies that I know live in my garden.

Then there is the fun of watching a little dog try to stay on the trail she made.  Hoping she can find her way back to the house.   Wonder what snow looks like to dogs?

So as I sit by the fireplace, sipping my hot chocolate and doing some smocking I will enjoy my snow day.


  1. Wishing we had some snow...instead of rain predicted all weekend!!! Love stopping by and looking at all your great creations!!!

  2. Yay! I can see the comments and comment here again. Thank you to whoever fixed the problem.
    Nonie, what beautiful photos of your snowy garden!