Wednesday, April 17, 2013

A sign of the past

I love history and anything from the past years.  I find this is not a good part of the country as far as saving anything 'old'. If it is an old building the thought is tear it down build something new.  I really dislike that train of thought.
So, when a person of great wealth started projects that saved a few small area's it was exciting.
But, now, the most exciting project is comimg to a finish. It is called the Pybus market after the original owner of this once used metal shop.  The building was so old, just a total eye sore but tucked out of the way of everyday traffic so it didn't bother anyone.
I am more then excited about this old sign. This was the original sign that hung on the outside of the building. Found rotting in the dirt-my son was picked to 'save the sign.  Since he is an artist you might think he would re-paint it but saving it was the goal not making something new.  It took many hours of work and the sign will now hang inside the building, away from the elements.
This is an idea of how the market will look. Opening day is May 11th I think.
I will get more pictures of the market in the future.

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  1. Your son is so talented! I know you are so proud of him.