Saturday, April 27, 2013


Thought it might be fun to share some of my quick tips.   I use this method for applying lace and love how easy it is.

How To Make a Mitered Edge
Insertion lace is flat and meant to be sewn on both sides, as is the lace I used. This lace would not work in real life, but thought it ok for a how to. Edging lace has one flat side and the other side is scalloped. The main point here is how to miter the corner so I hope its ok.

Step One: Zig-zag the lace to the finished edge down to the corner.

Step Two: Extend the lace down, the same measurment as the lace is wide, mark your lace.

Step Three: Stitch from corner to outside corner as soon.

Step Four: Continue sewing down other side. Trim the excess lace from the corner, press well.

Step Five: Finished lace attached.

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