Thursday, April 25, 2013


And the livin is easy--It gets a lot easier if you whip up some shorts for the kids to live in this summer.  No need to buy, even if you are new to sewing the following instructions will walk you right through sewing shorts.

This is such a cute set sewn by my friend Jerry for her granddaughter.  

Looks very expensive.  A perfect project for a beginner seamstress.

We will show you how.


How To Make Children's Shorts

This "how to" was contributed by Marilyn Mac.
Thanks Marilyn for putting this together for the site.
Step One:
Cut out front and back of shorts making sure that pattern arrows are on the straight of the grain ( this is the directions that the threads are going) you can also cut them on crossgrain with most fabrics ( this is sideway)

Step Two:
Sew front and back seams to just below notch.

Step Three:
What I do next is open up shorts front and back and align side seam.. I stitch side seams then I stitch inside leg seams ( see photo below).

Step Four:
If you have a serger , serge side seams and inside leg seam. Next you are going to finish sewing the front and back seams from the front notch to the back notch.. Remember where you left off when you were sewing the center seam?? Yes ( see photo below)

Step Five:
Next 2 pictures show how to make the side slit.. You don't need to add these if you don't want, but if you want to make them.. When sewing the side seams I left about 2" open at the leg end of the seam. Turn shorts inside out..clip seam all the way to seamline with out cutting thru seam. fold under 1/4" of open seam then 1/4" again and press.. do this for both legs.. Then top stitch on fold. I usually make a V where seam begins.( see photo below)

Step Six:
Waistband.. If you have a serger serge waist of shorts.. If you don't you need to press 1/4" of waist.. Next turn waist down 1" and press. I usually use 2 pieces of 1/4" elastic for waist.. you can also use 1 piece of 3/4" elastic..

for 3/4" elastic.. stitch down waist closest to the serged or 1/4" folded edge leaving 1 1/2" open at back to insert elastic. cut elastic waist measurement + 1". I usually attatch a safety pin to end of elastic and thread it thru opening.. being carefull to keep other end of elastic outside the casing.. Once elastic is completely thru casing make sure that it's not twisted.. Overlap ends of elastic and zigzag together.. Then topstitch back opening closed..

for 1/4" elastic you basically do the same as above except you add another row of stitching 1/2" from the edge of waist leaving, again the 1 1/2" opening.. Insert elastic closest to the top of the waist first.. Joining elastic as above.. then close the middle opening.. Insert bottom elastic as above, join, close bottom opening.

Hope this is clear. If you have any questions feel free to post. I try to check the site every day..

Finished Shorts:


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  1. I have not made shorts is a long time. I used to for my kids and should make some for my grandkids. I love the hat in your last post, it would look darling on my little granddaughters.