Thursday, April 18, 2013

Warning, if you are organized don't look!

It has probably been over a year since I have sewn anything using a pattern.  So, I decided it is time to get back to sewing clothes for the kids/grand kids.
I had planned over flannel from Otto's quilt knowing I wanted to make him some jammies.  I knew I had the pattern as I have sewn jammies for all the kids. Well!!  it was not to be found!!  I dug and dug and no size one jammie pattern was to be found.   Send off a quick email to sewing friend " can I use the sweat suit pattern for jammies if I am using flannel"?   Email came back "dig Nonie dig".  That was no help, so I dug.
This drawer usually only holds the patterns in the size I am using at present, but I dug anyhow.
So far this is what I have come up with. These sizes will not even begin to work.  Well, with the exception of the kwik-sew pattern but it uses knit fabric.  So either way, I need a trip to the fabric store either for a pattern or knit fabric--Maybe both???
So that is where I am right now!!  


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  1. Nonie, you don't have the Britches and Bloomers pattern? I nearly wore mine out and had to retrace it!