Thursday, June 18, 2015

My trinkets are not just trinkets

              They are memories

I am not the type that shops for trinkets.
Every trinket holds a memory, every one of them came into my home for a reason.

            Like the roosters

                     OK, so she is a chicken. Her name was Charlie.  Why was her name Charlie?  Because that is the type of sister I had.

                               That is my sister, master gardener,
            master decorator and best of all
                  MASTER SISTER.

It is all her fault that roosters came to live at my house.  

          This is another chicken story
           it just seemed to fit the topic. 

So roosters live on the hutch

They bring me happy memories.  The rooster here is, yup!  a gift from my sister. The clock is something I found in her collection, I guess she liked clocks and I like them now also.  The sewing cabinet is also from my sister's collection of old furniture.

so these are not trinkets to fill up space. These are memories, well loved memories.
My sister can't be far away, I have her 'stuff'


  1. I clicked the link and am leaving this comment.
    While I have no roosters in my home now, a favorite memory is a rooster which must have been a vase because its back was open and my Dad would leave treats or little presents in it for me to find.

  2. I clicked the link and now am leaving a comment.
    I feel very left out as I have never had a rooster, but did have a budgerigar
    when I was much younger (like 60 years ago), does this count. Hugs

  3. I think you are doing a fine job of nesting! Love your rooster displays.

  4. Love your roosters, Nonie. Its lovely that they bring such good memories. I know you miss your sister a lot and having these memories must be comforting.

  5. A lot of my stuff is from my mother and I can relate. :)

  6. You lovely memories are truly something to crow about.
    I wanted to invite you to stop by the Decor To Adore blog as I am currently hosting a giveaway for my treasured readers.

    Have a beautiful day!