Friday, June 12, 2015

You dare me!!

  I am trying to follow some ideas stemming from the book,the nesting place. You can follow her blog Here.

I know I have posted before, this time is different.

In fact this will be huge for me.  I love my trinkets but according to Myquillyn Smith, I have enough trinkets, in fact I am in trinket over load.

So, I am to start with one room.  Quiet my space! Yikes.

I have chosen to start with my dining room, which is also my entry way. I hate that about this house but it is what it is.
So to force myself to get started.  If I can get 10 comments saying I dare you!!
I will embarass myself and take before and after pictures of my projects.

You have until Monday!  I am going boating.


  1. Not only do I DARE YOU....I DOUBLE DOG DARE YOU....hahhaa...does a Double Dog Dare count as 2 comments...?? LOL

  2. Oh my bj, well, I guess yes, yes it would! LOL

  3. I definitely dare you x10 all by myself!

  4. I'm in on the double dog dare, or as we say in Georgia, double dawg dare! :)

  5. When I did my spring cleaning I removed a few items from each room and it truly felt clean. Can't wait to see your dining room
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  6. Double dare (that said, I myself have trinket overload :-))