Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Starting at the front door

           Which is also the dining room

Instead of having a separate dining room. My dining space is right there when you open the front door. 

The table takes up most of the space, so there is where I will begin.  
Remember I promised to embarrass myself, so here goes.
Because the table is at the door, it becomes the place to dump what ever you have in your hands as you walk in.

 First try, my crystal cake plate.
        The doily is way to small

So I went with a larger table runner. One I made in quilt class.
I love my cake plate,  it is one item that is useful, and should not be tucked away.


  1. Your cake plate is beautiful, Nonie. When I sold furniture, I can't tell you how many people came in telling me that they got rid of their formal dining rooms. They would often be changed to a "quiet" room where the family could read or listen to music, no TV. Sometimes they became offices or craft rooms. But those fancy dining rooms just did not seem to be what younger families wanted any more.

    1. I love a touch of formal, might not be able to have the large formal room of days in the past, but I can hang on a just a touch. Wait til you see what this cake plate can do.