Saturday, April 22, 2017

Rosie Romper

                      Rosie romper

 The outfit is done!!  I have become a very slow sewer.

There were things I would do different when using this pattern.  The fabric is thicker then it looks and doesn't work well as a fabric, plus a lining fabric.  For the next one, I will chose a lighter fabric for lining.
I also need to work on picture taking.

I do enjoy sewing with patterns by Genine.

          Felicity, finally has something made just for her.

I have used this pattern before making Sam the short version.

 Sam looks a little weak on her feet here.

 I will be making this again.  Sam will be getting her own Seahawk outfit out of different, design by Genine pattern.   I hope I am not to slow making that outfit.

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