Wednesday, April 19, 2017


                                  Still working on it

I am still working on Felicity's outfit.  What should have taken  me a few hours has now taken days.     To explain--working with tiny seams is difficult enough but when your iron dies and you can not press those seams, it shuts down the sewing room.

 AS you can see it is a rumpled mess.  Now, you  know why we love our irons, I think you sew more with an iron then a sewing machine.

So, it was a quick run to the store.   No time to research irons to see which one is the best.   This little beauty, just happened to be on sale.

 Boy, does it ever have a shot of steam.  Maybe my old iron just was not working right but this one really works good.

 I was good and read the directions--- can you believe I could not get the cord to recoil? had to ask huny to help me.

 She sure is shinny.

                                 Has lots of steam vents.

Now, I am back to sewing doll clothes.  Nothing to exciting but good when you have been away from the machine as long as I have. 


  1. You sure can't sew much without an iron! I'm looking at the Panasonic cordless iron. I hate wrestling with cords. Then I could change my room around a bit not having to keep it plugged in near the ironing board.
    Good luck sewing! I'm slow too.

    1. This one came with a retractable cord, which I like a lot so I imagine a cordless would be that much better.

  2. I'm sure Felicity will wait patiently. ;) I hope you will enjoy your new iron!

    1. I had no idea the old iron was as bad as it was. this thing really works nice. won't be long now!!