Thursday, April 13, 2017


               MY NEXT PROJECT

will be some much needed doll clothes.  as you can see Felicity is in need of something to wear.

After going through my patterns I decided on making her the "Rosie Rompers"  designed by Genine.  Genine is such a talented doll designer.

 The patterns are online, so no waiting!

This is the fabric I chose for her outfit.  I know she will love the games, all dressed in her team colors.

 I am sure there will be enough fabric for Sam, just not sure yet what I will make for Sam.


  1. Doll clothes are so much fun! Maybe Sam would like a cheerleader outfit.

    1. You are so right Marmycakes, doll clothes are fun, no pressure. Oh, I bet Sam would love a cheerleader outfit.

    2. Have you started this project yet, Nonie? I have that pattern, along with several of Genine's patterns!

    3. Yes, I have started but!! my iron died right after I got he lining sewed in and the little top turned. It is such a mess and really needs a good pressing. Genine is such a good designer for doll clothes, her patterns are easy to follow and turn out so cute.