Friday, September 10, 2010

Because Shirley asked

We will have a small break from lesson's so I can show Shirley the fabric I am using.  I really think Shirley is just checking up on me to see if I am doing the sew along.  I am trying to follow instructions but, things are turning out different for me.  I am also taking note's so I know what to do different on my next Feliz.
The front, as of today's lesson.

The back, with ruffles. I will do the ruffles different on the next dress and will use the serger to finish the ruffles. I did a hem and think it added to much weight.  I could also use the rolled hem foot, so will test and see what effect I like.


  1. Ha Ha! Thanks, Nonie. I love your fabrics. Thanks for showing me. I think I saw some of the pink butterfly fabric today at a quilt shop we stopped at.Shelby was telling me to buy her every piece of fabric we saw.

  2. I'm loving this one!!! So cute!!