Thursday, September 9, 2010

The sew along begins

This is the first steps in the sew along. Tracing your pattern.  Linda has some great time saving tips so follow along with us:

 Our Feliz sewalong

Hello ladies! I hope you're all ready to cut out your Feliz dresses today.

1.I traced the pattern pieces but didn't add my seams as I do that as I cut. You can add them to your traced patterns if you so desire.

2.Next I took the front/back facing and laid it on the side pattern piece so I could see how deep to cut the facing. You need to have it the same length as the

front back facings.

3. Now we are ready to cut out the dress.

Cut 2 of the front/back pattern piece.

Cut 2 of the side dress piece.

Cut 2 of each facing, that is 2 of the front/back facing and 2 of the side facing.

Cut 4 of each shoulder strap.

Cut 2 sash pieces.

Please ignore the long back facing piece as I traced it by mistake. You don't need that piece as we are doing the single layer.

I hope you can see how I made the side facing pattern.

Now you should be ready to cut and we'll continue tomorrow with the next step.

Please let me know if there are any questions.

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