Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Feliz Sew Along

 Linda S from Bermuda will be leading us with our Feliz sew along.  This pattern is available in the book, Sewing clothes Kids love.     This version, is a single layer, the dress featured in the book is a double layered Feliz.  So this way of sewing the dress together is different from other versions you might have seen else where.                                                      

The pictures posted here is the single layered version sewn by Linda S, for her granddaughter. 

Linda, mixed three prints together, plus some machine embroidery.  I hope you join us in our sew along and sew your own version of the Feliz. The instruction for the dress will be posted here and on the Everythingsewing forum.        The word Feliz, means happy, so I hope this will make you happy as you sew along with us. For sure your daughter or grandaughter will be very happy as she shows off her new dress.

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