Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Making your own Tortilla Steamer

I will show you how I made my Tortilla steamer.
You probably figured it out by now, just make sure everything you use is 100% cotton, you will be using it in the microwave and anything less then cotton can cause a fire.

I made these for the kids for Christmas. I alway get them a container and then fill it up with little treasures.  I say container because it can be anything from a cute basket to a huge mixing bowlJust what ever I find during the year.

Cut 3 circles from main 100% cotton fabric
cut 2 circles from batting
cut 2 circles from muslin
My circle is 10"  I figured that was a good size and besides that was the size of my plate I used to make a circle.

Cut one of your circles in half.
press under 1/4" on the straight side.

Lay out all of your pieces. layer 1-main fabric right side out.
Layer 2-batting
Layer 3-muslin 
Put 1 half circle right sides together on each circle.
Put half circle right side down
Then sew and turn, just the half circle right now.

Now you can layer your circles.
Sew the bottom portion. Then turn all, right side out.

There you go a great gift.  Remember to make one for yourself.  The friend that got me started making these said she got one as a gift and has had it for many years.  She said it reheats rolls perfectly.


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