Wednesday, January 9, 2013


I don't know if it is the weather, or the state our country is in now but I have just felt so down.  This morning , I remembered  a cup I had gotten when I graduated from chemo.They do this little ceremony when you are there for your last treatment.
On one side is the name of the nurses.

I had every nurse and they were each just so sweet.
I like being told I am special.  Is that strange?  It does help me shake off this feeling of being down.  
You will notice candy in the cup.  Well, actually there was more candy but I ate it!!!!

I hope you feel special today.  I think we always need to do things for ourselves, a just for us time. I plan on making a cup of green tea, to drink from my special cup.




  1. Nonie, you have always been special to me!

  2. You are definitely very special as you are a child of God, and our very good friend on ES.
    I have some very favorite coffee cups that I just love because some of them take me to special places where I got them. They always bring back sweet memories, and the older we get, the more special those memories become.

  3. We all need to feel special. Here's to a cup of kindness!

  4. So sorry you've been feeling down. For me, it's this dreary weather. And, you are special!!! HOPE you feel better soon!