Thursday, January 24, 2013

Tiny project

I have been making Wee Care gowns for our local hospital for quite awhile.  These gowns are made for babies that to soon become angels.
There is no way to plan for such a sad event. It is not even a thought a young mom wants to put in her head, so when it does happen, the gowns are there for their little angels.
The hospital asked if we could make some very tiny gowns.  Of coarse we could!
Roberta, set about coming up with a tiny gown using a doll dress pattern.

Still unfinished, this is the size of the gowns.

My part, is to do the smocking. My friend Roberta will do the finish sewing.  

 Always hard to do such a project.  We have heard such heart warming stories how the gowns have made a difference. 



  1. Oh, my, that is absolutely gorgeous. My Mamaw used to smock, but I've never tried it. And, what a great project for a sweet, precious cause!

  2. Could you share the pattern?