Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Challenge-Part one

Buried someplace in the pages of this issue of AS&E, is my challenge.  How did I get myself into this you ask?  Well, it all started when my friend Betty and I were discussing renewing our subscriptions to the magazine. Both of us have years of back issues, with many projects, we have not taken the time to do.  Oh yes, we looked at the pictures admired the beautiful items and some how left it at that.  Oh, I have done a few but not very many. To renew or not renew was our dilema.
Then the Email arrived! The one from Country Bumpkin!  Oh, this can't be good, it offered six issues for the price of four.  That is when a light went off for Betty "How about if we renew, then challenge ourselves and anyone else that would care to join us, in making one item from each new issue we get", offered Betty.

                  I of coarse jumped at the offer, I often jump before I really think things through. How hard could it be?  There are always so many cute items in the magazine and with a little encouragment, I was ready.
So here I am, working on a project that in the past would have gone undone by me.  Now I have this fear the next issue will arrive and I am not ready for that!!! 
Stay tuned for part two of this challenge and if you would like to, we would love to have you join us.

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