Saturday, April 17, 2010

Some of my favorite things

Do you have favorite things you love to sew?  I love making smocked booties and smocked bonnets. I don't always have anyone to give these items to, just love making them.  I have made several pairs of booties for raffles and they do very well.   I guess I could call it just because sewing.  What do you like to sew 'just because?'

The pattern is "littlelambs" by Karen &company, no longer for sale.

You can make them in any color, blue for boys works. A bonnet I made that was also raffled.  I think I need to make one just to keep.


  1. These are so cute, Nonie. I think I have a pattern somewhere for similar. As far as favorite things to sew, I think I have to say bags. I can do anything to a bag, from painting it to embroidering it. Then there is no fit, and lastly, you can just never have enough bags!

  2. Those are soooo sweet! Beautiful baby things always inspire me, but we don't have any babies to sew for anymore.
    I love to make burp cloths for gifts because I can design them any way I want to, and there is NO stress about something fitting.

  3. How sweet are those booties!!!! The bonnet is beautiful, too!

  4. Those are so beautiful, Nonie!! I was looking the other day for a smocked bootie pattern to make for my new niece and couldn't find one. Your bonnet is gorgeous too.