Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Challenge Part Two

This is our entries to the challenge by Betty for us to actually make something from each new issue of AS&E.
We decided to do our own interpretation, not to actually copy the design. 
I picked "Wild at Heart".  I used CC pattern Lee for the dress. The roses are three strands not the six called for and the pansies are single looped cast on stitches not double looped cast on. Also not as many were added.  Just a note to add, I found the fabric at Wal-Mart.  When I saw it I just knew which design I needed to do with the fabric.

Full front.

Betty, chose whirligig, I came so close to picking the same one!  We did not tell each other which design we picked.  That way it remainded a surprise for both of us.  The changes betty made- not being able to pleat more then 16 rows, she used the CC Mary De pattern, which gave her a yoke.  I think she did a wonderful job , but you know us smockers we always pick out our mistakes and think the whole world can see them.

Betty also added a headband

Now, we wait for our next issue.  I hope we interest more to join us.  Yes, it does add a certain amount of stress, but it is good stress, the kind that makes you get something done.


  1. These are both beautiful! I just picked up the latest issue of AS&E and I really want to make the little orange sundress with the beaded flowers.

  2. Absolutely divine!! I love both of them but I really love yours. Great job!

  3. These are gorgeous!!!! You have both done remarkable, incredible, perfect work on these!!! My hat is off to salute you both!