Friday, April 16, 2010

So cute

I will also add , so much work.  My sewing friend made her granddaughter a wardrobe of new clothes to wear on her trip to Disney.  They are all darling and so creative, I am sure it will spur your creativity.  I will share a few at a time, so check back ofter.

Also an update on the challenge from AS&E!   Well, we both got done at the same time so tomorrow we will get to see what we came up with.  I am so excited to see what Betty picked to make from the magazine.

This little outfit features Snow white and the seven dwarfs. Each panel was a different dwarf.  The applique work amazes me, maybe someday I will learn how to do it.

This outfit features many hankies sewn to create a skirt.  What a lot of work, it is so cute!!


  1. The hanky skirt looks darling - wish I could see a bigger pic tho

  2. I especially love the hanky skirt!

  3. I am working on getting a bigger picture of the hanky skirt. Hope to post it soon.