Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Lining a jacket

These simple steps will make a lining a jacket quick and easy.  I used Bonnie Blue "Jillian" pattern. Love that pattern and am hoping to find it in a larger size.

Sew your jacket pieces together, then sew the lining pieces together. Now its time to put the two together, you will place the lining to the jacket right sides together. Match edges and shoulder seams. Stitch along the front and along the lower edge. Stitch across lower back back edge. Stitch lower edge of sleeves. Trim and clip seam, I like to use my pinking scissors, they trim and clip at the same time.  Remember your side seams are open at this time.  Do not turn right side out.

Line up the lining pieces and the jacket pieces. On one side of the jacket pin the underarm sleeve seam to underarm sleeve lining seam, right sides together. Continue pining jacket sides and jacket lower edge seam.  Make sure lining is matched to lining and jacket is matched to jacket. This is a circular seam, you will sew the lining and continue sewing the jacket.

Continue doing this on the other side but this time leave about three inches of the lining open, you will need to turn your work through that opening.

this gives you a better view of how the pieces are kept separate.

Now sew in one continuous line of stitching.

There you can see how both are sewn, trim and finish seams.  Pull the jacket through the opening you left in the lining. Turn jacket with right sides out and push sleeve lining into sleeves. Press well.

There you go a little lined jacket.  Now, you can add buttonholes or not, depends on how you want to finish. Top stitching always looks nice, or you could do decorative top stitching, its all up to you.


  1. Thanks Nonie. I need to tackle making a jacket so I also need to keep this in my files.

  2. Thanks Nonie! Very useful post. I also have been wanting to make some fall jackets. I better finish my summer sewing first! :)

  3. That's great, Nonie. Learn something new every day!

  4. Thank u so much for this! It has helped me with my first jacket lining! Thanks!

  5. Thank you for the tutorial. It has helped me so much.