Monday, April 19, 2010

Hanky dress

A larger view of the hanky dress.  I am not sure if I can get one to show even a little larger but will work on it.  We have shared pictures of each others sewing for years and I have never had any that were to small.  It's my wonderful computer that is doing it all by itself!!  So let me know if you would like me to try for a larger view of this adorable skirt.
This outfit was for the Alice in Wonderland day at the park.


  1. This is wonderful and if you don't mind I am going to make a version of this for one of my grands.

  2. Julia, please share pictures when you are done, I think it is such a cute idea.

  3. Shoot me an email Nonie, if you'd like and I can walk you thru how to get a larger picture. It is Blogger that is resizing your pictures....Bunny