Thursday, August 3, 2017


                              Never Before

I have never given up on a sewing project before.  Even the projects I thought I would like and ended up not likeing them, I would finish and give it away.
 This was the dress to be and that is the fabric.  So light that it wants to float away and several times it did!
It would stick to itself, so I tried spay starch, thought I was making some headway using the starch.  No!!!  that ended up not working.
Seams would pucker, no matter what I tried to do with them.

So, today I said my good byes in total frustration­čś× 
Now, on to something else, something that will make me happy.­čść


  1. Sounds like a very good decision. Miss you! Hope to see you soon. Louise

    1. Very good decision, today was a happy sewing day. See you soon.

  2. No sense in being frustrated! There are lots more important things to do than waste time. I waste too much as it is!

  3. Shirley, today I was able to finish up some ufo's that have been sitting here and got some pleating done for a smocked project. As long as that darn dress sat here I knew I could not move on.