Friday, February 5, 2010

The correct version

As you know, I shared a big boo-boo I made when making a strip jumper.  Here is what it is supposed to look like.  You will notice two jumpers, that is because when I found the mistake, I was able to make a correct size three jumper just from what I had cut off. 

I wish you could see the fabric, it has sparkles all over it. 
Thank you for sharing some of your mistakes, sure makes a person feel better and not so alone. 
I wish I could promise somehow that I won't be doing any more mistakes, that from now on my sewing will be perfect, but then that would not be true.  I am sure will will goof many more times in the future, just so happy this was an easy fix.  Well, except for the one that flew off to Arizona, we will see what happens there.


  1. Those are just so cute and the fabrics are terrific.

  2. No one is perfect, but at least you could fix the mistake and the dresses came out adorable.