Tuesday, February 9, 2010

My tools sort of

What is this?  This is my new project.  Since I purchased a new sewing machine A viking Sapphire 870 quilt,  I have to make a new sewing notebook.  So I have gathered my 'stuff' which includes my favorite sewing books.  I have many, but these are my favorites .  I will need to make new samples of the stitches my machine can do, which at last count is somwhere around 800 stitches. That is not counting the stitches I can combine to make new stitches.  I do feel a little overwhelmed but spending sometime playing and making samples should help me get comfortable.

If you have never made a stitch notebook it might be something you want to put on your to do list.  All machines sew a little different, and making samples will help you recall a stitch you like or one that worked well and you want to do it again without taking time out to test. 

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