Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Huge Mistake

I noticed this morning a huge sewing mistake.  I mean this one is a biggie and I feel really stupid!!  I will share the mistake with all of you but not quite yet, first I have to find a fix for the mistake, then and only then will I tell my secret.   I am sure(well almost sure) I will be able to fix the mistake.

Makes me wonder, what was your biggest sewing mistake and how did you fix it?    I knew I would probably be messing up some since I have not sewn for six months, guess I didn't dissapoint myself. 

So for today I want to think of summer and flowers and will share a picture of a very valuable sunflower. What makes it so valuable is, the seeds came for a friends garden and that friend lives in New York!!  that's a very long way from here.  

Sharing the seeds of friendship.


  1. Oh Nonie, I am so sorry!!!
    Biggest mistake, many to remember.
    Most recent? Well that would be yesterday. Once again, I tried to thread my machine needle and leaned forward to see it while involuntarily pressing my foot on the foot pedal. Yes, I have a big hole in my fingertip now. OW!!

  2. I have made so many big mistakes that I couldn't possibly think of the worst. Hope you can remedy whatever the mistake was so you can tell us all. It's always a relief to read about other people's mistakes since I make so many. It makes me feel better about me.