Monday, February 15, 2010

One more time

I again used Simplicty 2677 to make a yummy top for Zoe.  After I made a pair of pink pants, I thought she would need at least two tops so she could wear the pants.   The second top I made her is from the CC Abbie pattern a long time favorite.

The pants pattern I used is also from simplicity 2677.  I find  it has a very good fit, which is unusual for any of the big three pattern companies.  So I will be using this pants pattern a lot. I did have to add 1" because Zoe is very tall.

The second top the CC Abbie, is again a favorite of mine as well as Zoe's.  It is a very unusual pattern and I had to think twice when putting it together as I have not made one for awhile.  The pieces when cut out look like this.You cut the same pieces for the lining. The finished Abbie will look like this--

This might give you a clue as to how many Abbies I have made.  I am so happy this pattern goes up to size 8. As Zoe wasn't ready to give up her favorite top.

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  1. Would you just stop!! You are making me look bad. LOL I have the Abbie pattern, and I really need to use it. I may have to holler at you if I need help. Outfits are too cute!