Thursday, February 11, 2010

Yum (not!)

Sometimes I can really mess up, not just in sewing sometimes life can get rough.  I just had to share my today boo-boo.  I make the dog's treats, usually I use turkey dogs, as they are cheap and fat free, but I was given some sausage by  a person didn't care for it  and thought maybe the dogs would like it.   The way I make the treats, is to slice them put them in the microwave and dry for about 3 minutes.  They come out as little hard treats I can keep in a container.  These sausages were pretty big, so I am thinking maybe 4 minutes would be needed to dry them.  What I didn't take into consideration is the fat content!!!!  So what did I get after 4 minutes?  A kitchen filled with smoke, little black treats that are hard as rocks and even now a house that smells like it does when I try to cook supper.  Oh yum-- well the good side?  The dogs love them.

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