Monday, February 1, 2010

Trip down memory lane

While sorting pictures I came across these:  Could that much time really have flown by already?  The first picture is Zoe's first bishop. I had not sewn/smocked for many years and here I was faced with my first grandaughter. What else was I to do but dust off the pleater and try my hand at smocking once again. 
Maggie Bunch came to my rescue and held my hand through this first bishop. 

I then was hooked, and knew she needed yet another bishop, this one was to close at the shoulder.  Yikes how to do that without buying another bishop pattern!!  Again, Maggie to the rescue, just use a regular bishop pattern and move the closure to the shoulder.  That made for interesting pleating but was doable and now my little one had two bishops.

I was getting braver now, and wanted to try my hand at more embellishments. What could be more challenging then those bullion roses I kept seeing.  with her first birthday approching I new she would need a new birthday dress and I knew it would need to be smocked.   So, I set about making bullion roses and I must say, those also are addicting and now need to be added to almost everything I sew.

So there is but a brief time spent in the memories, of what has become a passion of not just sewing and not just smocking, but of a way I can show my love of family. That is making memories.
Now, I must get very busy in the sewing room once again, as God has gifted me with yet another granddaughter.  Besides that, what is a grandma to do when met by the sentence of " I have lots of empty hangers in my closet grandma".   Of coarse nothing short of filling up those hangers


  1. Great memories. Those pictures of Zoe in her bishops are just prescious. Now its' Chloe's turn to get showered with bishops!

  2. How sweet! I'm glad you posted these.