Thursday, February 4, 2010

My Confession

I was making a jumper sundress for Chloe from a pattern I had from You Can Make This, I have made the jumper before and didn't have any problems, so I proceeded on.  When it came to cutting the strips, I read the amount to cut and the length.  As the dress came together, it was looking funny to me, I re-checked,  the measurements, why did it look so big.  I decided it was just supposed to be long even though the measurments said this was knee length. 
After Zoe saw the dress, she wanted one too. So I started one for her, again the strips looked wrong.  I even had to get out of bed one night go to the sewing room and read the instructions, something was wrong.  Well, after a couple of days and this is so embarrasing, I finally look to the left and there in tiny, tiny print was the size to CUT the strips, the bold number, the one I could see was the finished length of the dress, measured from the shoulder no less.
I was able to recut Zoe's dress but Chloe dress is on it's way to Arizona.  I have told my daughter in law to please mail the dress back and I will fix it.

This dress will need to be re-made.


  1. Oh Nonie, I think it is beautiful. I am sorry it is too long. I bet when your Chloe sees it she won't want to part with it anyway. I think it is a darling dress.

  2. Darling dress, Nonie. Love the fabric combo. I bet Chloe likes hers just the way it is.

  3. Don't feel bad. I made a pair of shorts for a size 10 little boy once that would have fit my slightly overweight husband!!! I luckily was able to take them apart and remake them. I also had to get up during the night to figure out what I had done wrong.