Thursday, January 6, 2011

Getting started-What's holding you back?

Watching Zoe starting her sewing adventure, I realized how few items you need, (really need) to get started.

I, like some of you have been sewing for many years and have acquired ton’s of stuff.  Lets call it a collection, yes all this ‘stuff’ does make sewing easier and quicker but can I sew without it?.  Storage drawers full of patterns, cabinets stuffed with fabric, the list could go on and on.

You overtime will also acquire ‘stuff’ as your obsession grows.

For now the idea is for you to start, so don’t think you need to wait until you have all the tools. Just gather the few tools you need and dive it.

This is what I noticed Zoe used:

1-scissors-makes the job of cutting very easy.

2-Pins-I use quilt pins (not on fine fabric) most of the time. They don’t get lost as easily and you have a less likely chance of sewing over them.

3-Fabric-so you have a reason to use your scissors.

4-Sewing machine, no need for a fancy machine just a good basic sewing machine.

5-Thread-basic thread will do to begin with. You can collect specialty thread later.

6- A seam ripper (very important)  Zoe calls it her best friend.  Measuring tape and anything thing you might need to finish your project.


When my babies were little and the budget for clothes very tight, I had to sew.  I sewed all their clothes using just the basic supplies. Patterns sold for 50 cents apiece yet I could only afford the basics patterns that I used over and over. My first sewing machine was a tredle a gift from a friend.  You can only imagine how thrilled I was to get a real electric sewing machine and it was very basic it did have that fancy zig zag stitch though.

So if you want to sew or need to sew, let this be the year you started.


  1. Well,I have everything I need--basics wise--now I just need the nerve (guts, chutzpah--take your pick!) to get going.

    I also have two non-sewing projects I'm working on.

    Not too bad for someone who really only began to think about crafting just last year, right?

  2. I love your blog!! Been following for quite a while now!!! Thanks for your good advice about the basics of sewing needs!!! And...thank you for linking up at Jeremiah 29:11!!! HOPE you have a blessed 2011!!!

  3. I've got to leave another comment...I checked those who had linked up before checking comments....thank you, thank you, thank you for leaving me such a precious comment. When I get comments like helps me so much to continue "blogging for GOD"!!! So sorry about your loss...but so HOPEful for you...and so glad I can be a small part of filling the void she left! God bless you!!! :)

  4. I'm saw you on Deb's blog hop. I love your site. I'm just now getting back into sewing after a two year break. I'm very excited to have your blog to visit for ideas and tips. Please follow me back at

  5. It's amazing how we have tube turners, rotary cutters, applique scissors, pleaters, ad nauseum. If you really want to sew you just sew! I bet you turned out some great little garments with your treadle and 50 cent patterns.

  6. Oh, where did you get that gorgeous rose pincushion? Inquiring minds want to know!