Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Now my answer's

I have loved getting to know you all a little better and find as lovers of all things creative we have a lot in common.
For even more thoughts on the subject, visit Everthingsewing forum.  I still need to post my answer's there too.

1. What really pushes my creative button is being able to create a one of a kind, just special for you garment.   The grand kids will be going to Disney and the thought of making their wardrobe for the trip is very exciting.
2. I am so limited where I live that buying on line is what I do the most of.  I do know most of the people that I buy from and trust them to sell me something nice.   Although gets a lot of my business.
3. I sew in the basement.  I have taken over half of the family room so I do have my own space.
4. In this coming year I hope to learn more about machine embroidery.
5. The machine I have been thinking of adding is a cover stitch machine.  I love sewing knits so I think I will get a lot of use from it.
Not to be mixed up with sewing--I have already purchased a new stove.

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  1. A stove and sewing, even a novice like me wouldn't mix those up!