Saturday, January 15, 2011

Stepping Back In Time

When I was reorganizing the linen closet this morning I once again finger the pillowcases made by my Aunt and Grandmother. I have stacks of them and feel blessed to have them.   They take me back to a time when it all seemed to be less rushed.  My aunt always had some sort of needlework in her hand she crocheted, knitted, tatted, embroidered, sewed. She made all the clothes for me and my sister even all of our ballet costumes.  Top all of this off with the fact she was also an excellent equestrian.

I want to just share a couple of things I pulled out of the closet today. I will share more as time goes on. 

This is a well used dish towel. It has holes and stains proving it was used and I am sure enjoyed. It just made me smile.  I wonder, was this a practice piece?


How elegant the beds must have looked with their beautiful pillowcases on them.

2011_0115time0004 2011_0115time0005

The crocheted edgings are so pretty, with such detail.

2011_0115time0007 2011_0115time0008

Satin stitch is not easy for me, look how even those stitches are. It must have taken a very long time. Then to go on and crochet the edging, wonder if these were made for a special occasion maybe as a gift to someone.

2011_0115time0009 2011_0115time0010

The stitch used here is cross stitch with a very simple edging, maybe these were everyday cases.

Have we lost the skills to do this work?  


  1. This is so weird, Nonie. I've been doing the same thing today while looking for some things to use on a heart swap.
    I have several of the scarves my mom embroidered for the end tables. They were used everyday, and they are well worn. I have one I might be able to save one end to put on something for Shelby. Plus I have one that I've used myself that was in great shape.
    My mom taught all 3 of us to hand embroider as kids. I was never as good as my brothers, but I did enjoy doing it.
    Life was much simpler then in a lot of ways.

  2. Shirley, I want to see what you make for Shelby, it is so wonderful to be able to put these pieces to work and once again give them life.

    I am such an old softy, I love touching something someone from the past used and loved and touched.

  3. It will probably be a while, but I'm determined to make her something that I can use that scarf on in the spring. Just to make it a little extra special.

  4. Very pretty cases and towels, with such special memories! I now keep similar pillowcases on our guest room bed, where I can see them as I pass by. I also have one on a pillow in my sewing room. They just make me smile, as I know yours do, too!