Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Time to start

Yes, it is time to start the spring and summer wardrobes.  Always seems so strange to me to be sewing shorts and tops while the snow is gently falling outside my sewing room window.

This is how I start the planning.  I like to start with a print fabric and see all the colors in the print.  What will it go with? What trims will work? What pattern will make the fabric pop and complete the look I have in my mind of how I want the outfit to turn out.

These are the questions I think about as I pull out the pieces and lay them on the cutting table.  They might lay there for days and each time I pass by I see something that will work or a trim that just has to go, a what was I thinking moment.  So here is a glimpse at how I start my projects.



Some of these might work.  What do you think?


Maybe all of these will work to make mix and match.  I will let this sit for a few days while I add and delete from the pile.

1 comment:

  1. Why don't you just come up with an idea for the both of us? I have the same dotted prints I bought before Shelby was born. I think I need to do something with them this spring/summer!