Friday, January 21, 2011

Simple little trick

When sewing shorts, Capri's or pajama’s for kids the waist is often an elastic waist, with no visible front or back.  That can be confusing for a child to be able to tell the front from the back when wearing the pants.   What I do is mark the pieces when I cut them out so I also know the front from the back without having to measure again.   Then when the pants are made up I sew a ribbon tag in the back.  I was using labels but the kids said they were scratchy the little piece of ribbon doesn’t bother them.  Another thing you can do is sew a button or bow to the front of the pants.   Even though I do a fly on the boy shorts a button still looks nice.




  1. So you can't find non-scratchy name labels, either? It seems like they should exist.

  2. It does seem there should be some someplace. The ones I have found are so stiff.

  3. Your solution for labeling the back is simple and so helpful and a little ribbon doesn't cost much if anything.