Thursday, January 13, 2011

Snow Day

Well not really a snow day as in not going to school.  The kids here all dress warm and march off to school.  They miss no days but that is fine with them they don’t have to make up missed days in the spring.  To think I am sewing summer things!


Would anyone want to join me for coffee on the patio?


Maybe if I put up the umbrella it would be better.


Poor little birds. I wonder how they keep warm, we do keep the feeders full for them.


  1. Beautiful pics! Is that a weeping willow tree? My friend in OK had one, and it broke all to pieces last winter from the heavy snow.

  2. Shirley, the snow can be so pretty. That is a flowering cherry tree, to me it is pretty in the snow and so full of pink blossoms in the spring.