Friday, January 7, 2011

Sewing machines and lessons

DSCF0759 This basic machine was purchased in a hurry after my 25yr.old Elna decided to up and quit. It didn’t just stop sewing nicely it let out a huge bang right in the middle of a seam.  I had several projects lined up that needed to be finished there was no time to research new machines.  I bought a it will work machine, this little Bernette.

Since I bought the machine from a dealer six 3 hour classes were offered.  I never pass up sewing lessons as I know I will learn something so even though the machine was very basic I signed up for the classes.  I learned so much, that little machine can do wonders.

  Deciding the Bernette would be a good machine for Zoe and still needing a machine I purchased the Viking after much research.

DSCF0761 again lessons were offered I was really excited after learning so much with the basic machine, just imagine what I will learn now.  That didn’t end up to be the case, just one two hour class was offered and we basically sat and went through the manual.  So I am still teaching myself what the machine will do.  I am very pleased with it but sad I didn’t get to play more with it in a class setting.

Are you learning to use a new machine?   Set aside your own sewing lessons by setting aside two hours at least once a week.  Schedule this in on your calendar and pretend you are not home do not let anything distract you. This is your lesson time.

Take out your manual and go page by page, saving the samples to your notebook.

If you come across something that has you stumped, just ask and I will go through it with you.

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  1. Two hours a week? I wish I had that time, I mean, I guess I do, but when I am finally home I'm also too tired to concentrate.

    But thanks for the encouragement. I know I'll get it out of the box one of these days...

    (So you don't think I'm a lazy slug, I am also learning to knit!)